Fresh Holiday Card Designs

Holidays + Paper

One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting red envelopes in the mail. (I also like Starbucks red holiday cups, but I’ll save that for another post.) Red envelopes always mean something “good.” A photo card from family, a funny or cute holiday card, or the two-page, single-spaced yearly update from your second cousin’s aunt.



Holiday Card Trends for 2013

Every year there are trends in holiday card designs, sayings, colors, and styles. What’s new this year? Many cards have a delightfully crafty or hand-drawn look to them. Many include hand lettering and fancy fonts. Popular saying include, “Merry and Bright,” “Happy Howl-idays” (impossible to resist with a cute dog on the card), and the ever-popular “joy, peace, love.”

Along with the craft style, many cards are displaying earthy tans and browns next to popular reds, greens, and blues. Light turquoise also seems to be popping up everywhere this holiday season. Speaking of craft styles, you can’t miss the “chalkboard” designs that seem to round out every greeting card display.



Original = Fresh

With so many holiday card designs to choose from, my hope is that you will support one of the thousands of independent greeting card designers out there and order something original this season. There’s nothing more amusing than showing up at grandma’s house, browsing the card display, and realizing that Uncle Albert sent the same card you did.



Visiting is a great place to start looking for something unique. I recommend skipping their holiday section and going straight to the search box to type in “holiday cards” along with words that might describe you or your situation. For example “just married,” “moving,” “Alaska,” “NYC,” “dog,” “religious,” or simply “handmade.” You will find a fabulous selection of cards that never hit your local store shelves and can be shipped to your home in just 2-3 days.

More New Designs from Dana’s Paperie

Thank you for allowing me to introduce more 2013 holiday card designs! To view the entire collection, click here:

Warm wishes to you this holiday season!


santa LA_8_size5x7_listing


Holiday Cards are Here!

Christmas in Los Angeles

Snowflakes, hot cocoa, mittens…it could only mean one thing: the holidays are coming! Because I live in Southern California, my list looks more like inflatable snowmen, iced chocolate frappuccinos, and festive scarves for when the temps drop below 65 degrees. For someone who lived in a few snow-producing climates before coming to California, Christmas decorations and green grass still make me laugh. Note: There may be a future blog post dedicated to inflatable snowmen.

New Holiday Cards are Here!

Prepare yourself for a little holiday cuteness as I reveal my 2013 collection of holiday cards for the Sassy Collection! I have a second collection of watercolor holiday cards that is almost ready for my shop. Stay tuned!

Visit my shop to see all holiday cards:

Holiday Discounts

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A Special Birthday

Flashback to Second Grade

One of my favorite memories of second grade is when our teacher, Mr. Doyle, told us to take out a blank sheet of paper and on the top of it, write our name in large letters. Then he told us to pass the sheet to our neighbor (our desks were situated in a giant u-shape circling the room) and our neighbor was supposed to write something nice about the person whose name was at the top of the paper.

As my sheet circled the room, past the kids I liked and passed the kids I didn’t like so much, my anticipation grew. What were they writing about me? Did they like me? Was I cool? At the same time, I was trying hard to write something nice about the kids I didn’t like, and trying to write something “cool” for kids I considered by friends.

Finally, we got our sheets back. My friends wrote comments about how nice I was and how I was a good friend, and the boys, wanting to keep it short, often wrote, “You’re cool.” I was satisfied.

Fast-forward to Today

All these years later, this exercise inspired me to deliver a very special birthday card to my parents-in-law. First, there’s something you should know about my parents-in-law. They were born the same year, the same month, just a few days apart and they have been married almost 50 years.

So, I set up a Google form online and wrote emails to all of our family and their friends to capture everyone’s birthday wishes in one giant card (I ended up adding several pages). Over the next few weeks, messages rolled in from around the United States. Some messages were short, some were long, but all were so heartfelt I got teared up reading them and they weren’t even for me.

The front of the card featured a map of the United States, and every time a message came in, I put a heart on the map representing the location of the sender.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.07.57 PM

Inside the card, I used handwriting fonts to make the messages seem handwritten. (Messages from dogs received paw prints.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.03.06 PM

In short, my parents-in-law loved it and promised to treasure it for all time.

A huge thanks goes out to the family and friends who recruited others to contribute to the card. I couldn’t have done this with you.

New Illustration: Little girl holding flowers

I love drawing cute little illustrations for my cards, but wanted to create something a little different to frame on my wall. So, I came up with this little girl I call Yoshe, which means “a beauty” in Japanese. She’s so cute!

Prints are available in three different sizes: 11×14″, 8×10″, and 5×7″. You can also choose to between a mostly black and white print (her shoes and lips are pale pink), or a print with colorful flowers (see below). Click here to visit my Etsy store.

asian_girl_listing_closeup asian_girl_listing asian_girl_listing2

Wedding day thank you cards for everyone!

I’ve been meaning to create a lovely collection of wedding day thank you notes for a long time. This collection comes with your choice of poppy colors: red, blue, orange, and black polka dots.

View the entire collection here:

wedding_bridesmaida_listing wedding_help_listing wedding_colors_listing wedding_sister_listing_black wedding_sister_listing_blue wedding_sister_listing_orange

Summer Barbeque Humor and Too Much Top Chef Watching

I was thinking of creating a cartoon about summer barbeques and grilling when the “side dish” innuendo popped into my head. This scenario is just wrong in so many ways, I can’t help but laugh. It’s fabulous geek humor for the grill master in your family. (I probably need to cut back on watching Top Chef episodes.)


Clicking on the image above will take you to my Etsy store, where you can buy the cartoon as a greeting card.

I hope you are all enjoying summer!


New Stationery with Polka Dots (of course)

I’ve been working to bring a new stationery line to my Etsy store and I’m happy to say I’ve added the first few pieces this past week! Click on the item to view it in my Etsy store.


I love this idea of designing the stationery and envelope liner to match. Super cute!


These flowers are so simple, but undeniably beautiful. The design is based off of flowers from my neighbor’s garden. (shhh, don’t tell!)



There’s something so happy about polka dots. They simply exist to look cute and be happy. Lucky for those of us who get to look at them!


Not the usual Father’s Day Cards…

Every year Father’s Day sneaks up on me. The start of summer, graduation parties, weddings and barbeques fill up calender space like grasshoppers on a green garden. This year was no exception.

So, here I am, two days before the special day with some cards to make you smile. Enjoy!


Father’s Day card from Dana’s Paperie. Click on the image to purchase the card.


Father’s Day card from Dana’s Paperie. Click on the image to purchase the card. P.S. This one is my personal favorite!


Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage…

I like thinking about my customers and what makes them tick, about which emotions get them all wrapped up inside and what makes them laugh out loud. They’re always on my mind when I’m creating little drawings for my greeting cards.

Sometimes the customer really surprises me. This usually happens when they like or buy cards that I intended for a completely different audience.

Case in point:

Every Sunday I sell my greeting cards at a local farmers’ market in Los Angeles. This past Sunday was the first time I offered my newest wedding card.




When I drew this card, I envisioned a young person buying it for some fabulously hip friends getting married this summer. So, imagine my surprise when an older gentleman stopped by my booth and picked it off the shelf.

He said, “I’m going to give this to my wife for our anniversary. You’ll never guess how many years we’ve been married.”

I didn’t even try to guess.

“50 years,” he said.

“The inside of the card says, ‘…it was meant to be.'” I said, not knowing if he saw it.

“Yes, I know. That’s why it’s perfect,” he said.

I made the sale and he walked away leaving me filled with the overwhelming emotion of knowing that I created something that was just perfect for his feelings and situation. Lesson learned: There’s nothing “old” about about a 50th anniversary.